Crew 6 - F/O Howard Burgoon, 544th BS
  • F/O Howard C Burgoon (P)
  • 2LT Victor C Kress (CP)
  • 2LT David B Wilmot (N)
  • 2LT Tom J E Hunt (B)
  • SSGT Edward L Peckham (TT)
  • SSGT Roland H Jenkins (WG)
  • SSGT Harold S McFarland (RO)
  • SSGT William Aguiar (BT)
  • SSGT Henry J Ullmer (TG)
  • SSGT George Ashworth (WG)
Above verified with Gowen SO # 70, 11 MARCH 1943

Shot down on 26 June 1943 mission to Villacoublay, France.

Photo courtesy of Henry Ullmer

Back L-R: Burgoon (P), Hunt (B), Cress (CP), 2LT David Wilmot (N)
Front L-R: Peckham (TT), Ashworth (WG), Aguiar (BT), Ullmer (TG), Jenkins (WG).
Not pictured is SSGT McFarland (RO).

SGT Costello substituted for Ashworth on 26 June 1943.

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