Mission # 76


Mission Date 18 March 1944
384th Mission
Mission Number 76
8th Air Force Mission Mission Number 264
Mission Comments Two Targets Attacked
The 384th Bombardment Group (H) provided two formations for today's mission. A group size formation led the 41st Combat Bombardment Wing, while a squadron size formation led the high composite group of the same wing. All targets were attacked by visual means.
Five aircraft of High Composite Group, led by Capt J M Merritt, bombed an airfield in the vicinity of Memmingen, Germany as a Last Resort Target: they were unable to drop on the primary target because another formation was below them.
Primary Target Target: Aircraft Assembly & Repair Works
Type: Aircraft Industry
Location: Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
Target Attacked (Mode) Primary (Visual)
Sortie/Aircraft Summary Completed Mission, not including spares - 23
Failed To Return - 2
Flying Spare, Returned As Briefed - 3
Ground Spare Aircraft, Unused - 3
Returned Early - 1
Mission Personnel Mission Personnel Roster or Mission Loading Lists
Mission Documents Combat Mission Records and Plans obtained from the National Archives

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Aircraft Pilot Results Mission/Sortie Information
42‑3440Baylor, Robert BledsoeCompleted MissionLead Squadron, high composite group.
42‑3441[N/A]Ground Spare Aircraft,
42‑30026[N/A]Ground Spare Aircraft,
42‑31166Yelvington, Melton AlbertCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31211Decker, Charles EdgarCompleted MissionHigh Squadron lead, lead group, 41st Combat Bombardment Wing.
42‑31222Miller, James GilmoreCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31235Allison, Earl ThomasCompleted MissionHigh group lead, 41st Combat Bombardment Wing.
42‑31346Robinson, Robert LawrenceCompleted MissionHigh group deputy, 41st Combat Bombardment Wing.
42‑31375Courtemanche, Ralph EudorCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31495Morrison, Donald SylvesterCompleted MissionLead Squadron, high composite group.
42‑31740Heffley, Farris OrmondCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑31871LaSeur, William VeryleFailed to ReturnAt 1445 hrs called Group Leader saying he had two engines out and would try for home; had escort of four friendly fighters; force-landed at Dubendorf, Switzerland; MACR 3485. From 303rd BG: 'Secret equipment destroyed. Landed wheels down at Dubendorf. Wheels retracted after landing, but aircraft could not be burned because of Swiss interference. Target was bombed. Could not feather #1 engine out on bomb run. Half power obtained from engines Nos. 2 and 3 which were running rough.'
42‑37758Barad, Robert LeoCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑37776Horton, Lloyd (NMI)Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑37785Herbert, Joseph RobertFlying Spare,
Returned As Briefed
42‑37789Goller, Theodore (NMI)Flying Spare,
Returned As Briefed
42‑37793Smith, Roger ClementFailed to ReturnAt 1440 hrs he turned from formation; at 1455 he called Group Leader that two engines were out and he was heading for Switzerland, escorted by P-38s through a mountain pass to the south; damage caused by flak; crash-landed at Altstetten, Switzerland. MACR 3484
From 303rd BG: '#1 engine would not feather, vibrated badly and ran away over target. Supercharger on #2 inoperative 30 minutes before initial point, was rough and lost oil. Supercharger on #3 did not function properly. Aircraft landed at Dubendorf [sic] wheels up. Destruction completed of secret equipment. Target was bombed.'
42‑37982Clayton, John EarlCompleted MissionLead Squadron, high composite group.
42‑38013Kravet, Marvin RobertCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑38112Fioretti, Edward AnthonyCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑38158Lavin, James RobertCompleted MissionLow Squadron deputy, lead group, 41st Combat Bombardment Wing.
42‑38208Bennett, Phillip NathanCompleted MissionDropped ten parcels of 'nickles' (propaganda leaflets) in addition to bombs.
42‑39888Yokie, John OliviReturned EarlyLead Squadron, high composite group. Turned back at 1246 hrs, deep in enemy territory, because #3 supercharger went out and aircraft could not maintain position in the formation.
42‑97081Pryor, Raymond ThomasFlying Spare,
Returned As Briefed
42‑97124Hines, James WesleyCompleted MissionNathan (Nataan) Asch, 41-year old writer from Saratoga Springs, N. Y., and son of Sholem Asch, the well-known author, completed the mission with this crew. Asch, an Air Force sergeant, was stationed in London with the Eighth Air Force Public Relations Headquarters, with duty as a war correspondent. He went to sleep while the formation was over Germany. 'I was terrified' he confessed. 'There had been a rending noise in the nose and I guess my going to sleep was just a mental escape to disabuse my mind. Flak was bursting all around. When I woke up there was a hole just below me. I grabbed a flak suit and crushed it to me like a baby.' He expressed surprise when combat men described the mission as quiet compared to most of them. From Henry L Davis papers, AFHRA, Maxwell AFB.
42‑97139Rich, John (NMI)Completed MissionHigh Squadron deputy, lead group, 41st Combat Bombardment Wing.
42‑97142MacPhail, Philip RayCompleted Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑97150Smith, Harry BaileyCompleted MissionLow Squadron lead, lead group, 41st Combat Bombardment Wing.
42‑97449Daskey, Kendall (NMI)Completed Mission SORTIE REPORT
42‑97477Armstrong, Lloyd RolandCompleted Mission41st Combat Bombardment Wing Lead.
42‑97510[N/A]Lead Ground Spare
Aircraft, Unused
42‑97523[482nd BG Pilot]Completed Mission41st Combat Bombardment Wing deputy. PFF ship and unidentified crewmembers loaned by 482nd BG.